Monday, October 26, 2009


So we went to the Billetproof Drags in Lakeland. It wasn't as crowded as expected but any more people and things may not have been as perfect as they were.  We set up camp in usual fashion and enjoyed a day of racing with friends. All the local clubs were in attendance, and everyone raced everything and anything. We achieved some thrilling victories and some humiliating defeats, but in the end, we drove them flat-footed on a 50 year old drag strip. That experience is why you put headers on. It's why you have more than one carburetor. It lets the machine do it's givin job in the arena it was built for. You feel different about a car after you give it hell and it stays with you for the ride home. If this thing happens again we will be there.


  1. you guys got some killer rides. saw them during my vacation at the billetproof drags.

    greetings from overseas

  2. Marc, you've got a great blog. If you're around next year come up and say hi.