Monday, February 8, 2010

Bagging Dallas's coupe

Remember when you were a kid, and you saved your money for a mongoose. You locked it up where ever you went. You road it with a shit eatin grin and all the other kids were jealous. You were the man. Then one day you ran in for that thirst buster and turned around immediately, knowing you fucked up. You ran back outside and your bike was gone. You couldn't replace it. You saved for a year to buy the first one and now you had to make due. You got a pieced together bike that was cool but it was no Mongoose. It had Cobra grips and Tuff Mags but it was no Mongoose. By now all your buddies, one by one are getting bikes; Gts, Mongooses, PK rippers, and all you can do is watch, knowing you were first. Biting your tongue, knowing you were once the man. You just don't feel complete riding anything but your Mongoose.So you save your pennies quietly, and by the end of the spring your ready to get a proper frame again. Once back on the road you had that old look in your eye again. That shit eatin grin. A look like you were whole, back in your zone, where all is right in your world.

Well I'm not gonna say how this story relates to Dallas getting his coupe bagged, but if you look in his eyes, you'll see the same look you had when you got your bike back.

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